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Interesting Facts
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bulletMother Teresa told Princess Diana "to heal other people you must suffer yourself."
bulletMother Teresa spread the word to President Ronald Reagan about a famine.  After he got the word, the U.S. government hurried to Ethiopian (where the famine was) with food and medicine.
bulletMother Teresa’s sari (outfit) only cost $1.00. It was really simple.
bulletMother Teresa said," Being unwanted is the worst disease that any human being could ever experience."
bulletWhen Mother Teresa travels in airplanes she collects leftover food from people on the plane. She gives it to the poor and hungry.
bulletMother Teresa was the smallest nun in her convent.  She was 5’ tall.
bulletMother Teresa’s brother Lazar Bojaxhiu said, "We lived next to the parish church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Sometimes my mother and sisters seemed to live in the church as they did at home. They were always involved with the choir, the religious services, and missionary topics."
bulletMother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity collected food for the poor people in Calcutta every day.